Shocking moment road rage bully chokes and SLAPS driver before realising he’s picked on the wrong guy

Dashcam footage captures brutal daylight brawl that brings traffic to a halt

THIS is the shocking moment two drivers get into a brutal fistfight — with one being socked to the ground.

The broad daylight punch-up brought traffic to a halt in central Dublin on Monday afternoon, with dashcam footage showing the full violent fracas.

Jason Murphy was returning home from a shopping trip when he drove out of a multi-storey car park in the Carrickmines area of the city and upset the driver of a Jaguar who felt he should have entered a different lane.

The irate motorist followed Jason, from Bray, Co. Wicklow, and then started hurling abuse at him before getting out of his car.

He then grabbed the dad by the neck and hit him twice.

But the road rage bully ended up a write-off when Jason fought back after getting out of his car, hitting him twice and wrestling him to the ground.

The angry motorist was getting a taste of his own medicine when two men – one an off-duty policeman – arrived on the scene and calmed the situation.

Jason told the Irish Sun: “I went to turn right at the roundabout and the guy in question was coming from the left. I entered the roundabout where there was one lane and the cars were battling for two. At that time of the day it is packed, absolutely jammers.

“The guy in the Jaguar pulls up beside and starts hurling abuse and started shouting out the window, ‘Pick a lane, pick a lane.’

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