The Undertaker Drags Hulk Hogan Around On A Motorcycle

While Hulk Hogan was walking to his bike reporter stopped him to take a quick interview of Hulk Hogan, than Taker blind sides hogan with a crow bar and then drags him with the bike .

Gotta admit, this looks fun. Look at the end when Hulk Hogan hit the box look like a train wreck.

Taker and Hogan have had 3 matches against each other, all for the WWE title.

Being dragged like that actually looks like fun, but Hogan’s so old I mean how did they know pulling off a stunt like that would not give him some injury.

This video was shoot after Hogan “stole” Taker’s bike and “destroyed” it with the Semi.

We will never see this kind of stuff on WWE anymore, what a great gimmick the American badass really was.