Harley-Davidson Drag Bike: Too Hot to Handle?

Stunning, Souped-Up Nitro Drag Bike is Our Dream Bike.

But We’re Not Sure We’re Brave Enough to Ride It!

What could possibly be better than a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? A Harley-Davidson drag bike!

We get a look at exactly that — and see it perform a huge burnout at the West Coast Nationals — courtesy of a cool viral video posted by Agung Moto Racer.

The massive and beefy ride has a gigantic rear wheel and a motor that roars. This bike is all that most Harley-Riders would love to add to their collection. But then again, few are brave enough to tackle the feats seen in this video!

And what about the burnout? Well, the burnout is spectacular, just as you would imagine. Would you expect anything less from an insane Harley-Davidson drag bike?