Eternal Love! Wife saved money for 3 years to gift husband a brand new Harley Davidson

In a heart touching story, a wife saved money for three years to fulfill her loving husband’s dream of owning a Harley Davidson.

Foundation for this great story was laid in 2012, when Akhilee Matta discovered two big dreams of her boyfriend, Gaurav Sethi.

Gaurav had stuck two posters in his almirah, depicting two most important future moments of his life: first, crack the company secretary (CS) exam, and second, own a brand new Harley Davidson Iron 883. Gaurav had even fixed the deadlines to achieve his dreams i.e. clearing CS exam on December 25, 2012 and the deadline for buying his dream bike was December 11, 2015.

After becoming CS on Dec 25, 2012 the next thing Gaurav did was marry Akhilee and the couple have been together for 3 years now. Akhilee had decided in her mind to fulfill her loving husband’s second dream and started saving money.

The journey for Akhilee to fulfill her husband’s passion wasn’t an easy one. She went through a lot to save bucks to purchase a ‘Harley Davidson’, whose base price starts from a minimum of Rs 8 lac. Finally, on Dec 11, 2015 Akhilee blindfolded her husband and took him to Harley Davidson’s showroom gifted him a brand new Harley Davidson.