Bad-tempered Ram Attacks Biker

A motorcyclist was butted off his bike and attacked by a bad-tempered ram after it refused to allow him along a dirt track.

The off-road biker was tearing along a trail somewhere in the New Zealand countryside when he turned a corner to be confronted by the angry beast.

Despite being faced with a large and noisy motorbike, the ram refused to budge and then charged at the front wheel sending the rider crashing to the ground.

Footage filmed on the motorcyclist’s helmet camera shows the man staggering to his feet before managing to get back on his bike and try again.

Another shot shows the bike lying on its side half way up a hill with the ram standing defiantly at the top scraping its front foot on the ground.

The biker then tries to get past again but the ram still won’t allow him by and charges again knocking him off his bike for a second time.

The stunned biker is then forced to wrestle with the animal by its horns as it goes for him again before standing menacingly in the middle of the path.

The desperate man staggers into a clump of bushes and manages to get hold of a tree branch which he uses to keep the animal at bay.

He manages to clamber back onto his bike and, using the branch as a lance, is able to joust the ram slowly backwards before squeezing past and roaring away at full throttle.

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