Biker sues police over ‘humiliating’ traffic stop when cops took pictures of his extensive body tattoos at the roadside

AUSTIN, Texas Cody King, a motorcycle club member, is targeted and illegally detained so Austin police can take pictures.

Like most profiling stops, police use a bogus traffic infraction, like failure to signal, to justify the stop. Remember this Cody King is not receiving a ticket, but officer threatens to take Cody to jail if doesn’t consent to pictures. Although he is not being cited for an infraction, Cody’s detainment continues. HE IS TOLD HE CAN’T CALL HIS LAWYER.

When the duration of a stop extends beyond the reasonable amount of time it takes to issue an infraction, then the stop is an unreasonable seizure under the 4th amendment. The officer already told Cody he was not being given a citation, but at that moment he should have been free to leave. There was no reasonable suspicion or probable cause to justify extending this stop. This man has no criminal history and was on his way to school.

The police check his tattoos on his arms and his back and it looks like they want to humiliate him. SHARE this to raise AWARENESS. This must stop it’s time to end motorcycle profiling.