Police help ‘armed’ biker stage proposal to terrified girlfriend

MOBILE, Ala. — Police in one Alabama city said they helped stage a man’s arrest so that he could really just kneel down and propose to his terrified girlfriend.

With the help of two officers, Daiwon McPherson, 33, tricked his girlfriend, Shawna Blackmon, into thinking he was on the run and had a gun. The officers converged on the couple and other members of their biker community outside a gas station Friday night. Blackmon said the scenario seemed real.

“I was scared,” Blackmon, 28, told WPMI-TV. “I said he was going to jail, they are going to shoot him.”

A video viewed nearly 10 million times online by Monday shows the officers rushing up to the couple with stun guns, ordering McPherson down. Blackmon, terrified, stands between them with her hands up. Then, McPherson asks her to take his ’gun’ from his pocket. She pulls out an engagement ring instead, and is overcome with emotion as one of the officers holsters his stun gun and hugs her.

“I really wanted to bring the bike life and the police together,” McPherson told Al.com. “I can’t believe I actually pulled this off.”

The stunt has launched a lively online debate about whether this was a public relations win for the Mobile Police Department, or a risky escapade that could have gone wrong.

Source: cnews.canoe.com