Cop Tries To Arrest Biker And What Comes Next Will Leave You Breathless!

INSANE Motorcycle VS Cops Police Chase Street Bike Crashes Running From The Cops After Police Officer Tries Ripping Biker Off Sport Bike At Intersection Causing Amazing Big Bike Crash Resulting In Instant Karma & Epic Fail Caught On Camera 2016!!!

Watch a cop jump out of his patrol car to chase motorcyclist on foot in heavy traffic while bikers are stopped at a red light on a busy road. Police Officer attempts to catch the biker who tries running away from police officer.

Cop then tries to tackle stunter off his motorcycle while hes at the red light. The rider is trying to escape, The police officer is dragged behind motorcycle while rider attempts to flee from police. The incident causes motorcyclist to lose control of motorcycle. The stunt rider dumps the clutch while throttle is pinned, causing the rider to accidentally pop a wheelie through the busy intersection.

 Motorcycle crashes after rider loses all control looping out a wheelie while slipping between two cars trying to get away from the cop. After the bike crashes the biker immediately jumps to his feet leaving his street bike spinning in the middle of the congested intersection. After wrecking, the rider looks around then takes off running on foot. Cop is still in hot pursuit and close behind.

Cop chases biker on foot until the motorcyclist hops on another riders bike who is passing by to getaway from the cops. Amazing bike VS cop crash video clip caught on video tape during illegal motorcycle stunt street ride in 2016!!! The make & model of the sport bike shown crashing is a 2007 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 600cc motorbike.

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