Running from the law is almost never a good idea but somehow, many of those who ride motorcycles will decide to try and ditch their tail if red and blue lights pop up behind them. Sometimes they get lucky and get away but other times, the situation will blow up in their face.

This time, we watch as a rider attempts to ditch law enforcement as not one but two police officers give chase and it ends up blowing up worse than the rider could have ever imagined as it comes to a screeching halt when a minivan, of all vehicles, ends the chase.

It looks like this rider is in the clear when karma comes crashing down on his head and sends the van into the rider’s path, sending him flying to the ground and compounding the trouble that he’s already found himself in. This is a tough situation to play a part in.

Check out the video below that shows the entire chase from the rider’s point of view as followed up by that horrific ending.