Best Harley-Davidson Knee-Dragging Action You’ll See This Year

Most people tend to believe Harley-Davidson motorcycles are slow, unexciting and not maneuverable enough.

Well, that could be said about big touring ones, but you could easily keep up with sportbikes in the saddle of a Sportster.

he current Harley-Davidson Sportster’s DNA tracks all the way back to 1957 when the model was used a lot in racing across America thanks to its lightweight, simple construction and powerful V-twin engine.

Although the current Sportster weighs over 500 lb (220 kg) and might be a bit tricky to flip from side to side, a skilled rider could keep up with a sportbike around the bends quite easily. And those are not just some empty words, but the real deal.

The following video is proof a modern Harley Sportster can be properly hooned if you got the guts and skill to do so. This rider certainly got both of them as he manages to easily stick through the tight corners of the Mulholland’s Snake on such a bike.

Not only that, but he rides it as if it were just a standard naked sportbike, hanging off to the sides and dragging knee on each occasion while scraping the pegs and shooting sparks… excessively. He almost lost it at some point and what looked like an unavoidable high-side ended up in an unbelievable save from the talented guy.

And he’s riding quite an old model. Imagine what he could do in the saddle of the new 2016 Roadster, which comes with a slightly higher suspension to allow more tilting, low handlebars bolted to an inverted cartridge-style front end, footpegs right under the rider and the massive 1200 cc V-twin in between.

Oh, it also comes with dual front disc brakes to provide more stopping power in scenarios similar to what you’re about to see in the video we have attached.


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