Harley Davidsons Don’t Corner?

Sometimes we get dirty when we see a rider or non-rider criticize Harley’s based on outdated information or some guy doing a review while riding in a straight line.

Why not test the bikes limitations from stock? What about modifications, the fact is most bikes get modified for one reason or another, Throw a pipe on your bike and remap we set your back roughly the same on any bike.

So why not test them out at different Stages, Stock, Stage 1 and Stage 2 would cover most riders. Lets look a one model, the Fatbob 103 and test it’s outer limits in cornering. A Stage 1 or Stage 2 will get the most out of a Fatbob 103. There easy to ride and fun through the corners and would make an easy upgrade from a Street 500. This bike is a Stage 2.

With sharp hairpin, opposite camber corners it really test the clearance on your bike. Pegs and pipes touch down hear and there on the corners with opposite camber.