Pair of Posers: Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. Aren’t Bikers, But They Play Them On TV

Now there is a headline that will stir the pot! Are these guys bikers who have found a way to parlay choppers into a fortune? Or are they just opportunists riding the wave of a culture founded by hardcore bikers?

Maybe old man Tuetel was a biker in his younger days, but now his miles consist mostly of test rides by the look of things. Same goes for Paul junior. Calling Paul Junior a biker would be like saying Mrs. Butterworth is Miss America. Never has been and never will be.

Back when the OCC television show first started out, I was mildly interested. The bikes that they “built” weren’t near as gimmicky as the crap they put together now. I understand they are in it for the money; they went from nobody special to reality television stars overnight. But that does not make them bikers!

What is it that these guys really do? They do fabricate handlebars, gas tanks, fenders and maybe an oil tank. The rest is crap they bolt on to enhance the “theme” of the bike. I hate “theme” bikes! How many “theme” bikes have you seen out on the road? The original idea behind choppers was to make them lighter, faster and cooler. The Tuetels have turned choppers into billboards. What posers. Choppers are made to be ridden, not put on display for advertising or art galleries! What’s next, an OCC Wal-mart chopper? I can hardly wait.

I have never watched an episode that showed them building a motor or transmission. I wonder if they know how? What would they do if they had to build a motor or transmission? They might get grease on their tools, or worse yet, on their shirt! Their bikes are built from catalogs and brand new parts right off the shelf. No scouring through greasy parts bins looking for parts to use. They have CNC machines cut their wheels; I would love to see them try and lace a spoke rim! Have they ever modified a factory Harley-Davidson part to build a chopper? I know when I built my choppers, parts were scrounged, and I did all of the work myself. Every night I was covered in grease, sweat and beer. Not one speck of grease on these guys. Most bikers I know get greasy every now and then.

I vividly remember when I learned what the term “biker” stood for. In the early 1970’s, when I was a young boy, I was riding with my dad in his truck when we were passed by a long line of Harleys. I could actually feel the rumble of the exhaust as they screamed by. The leather clad, long haired, bearded riders on long chromed-out choppers instantly caught my eye. My dad told me “look at the bikers on their choppers.” From then on I clearly understood who bikers are and what choppers were.

Paul Senior and Paul Junior are not bikers, and they don’t build choppers!

What do you think? Are OCC and PJD really bikers?