Joseph Morning parks his covered motorcycle on the street outside his North Carolina home every single night. But one morning, his girlfriend walked outside to find it gone.

They originally thought it was stolen, but apparently that wasn’t the case. It seems the garbage men put it in the truck and crushed it because they thought it was a couch. Yeah.

Morning’s sport bike has sat near the curb outside his home every night for months. He would cover it to protect it from the elements, but you could see wheels and mirrors sticking out.

Over two weeks ago, Joseph’s girlfriend, April Wilson, was leaving their Roanoke Rapids home when she noticed the bike was missing.

April asked her neighbors if they saw anything, and they told her that the city’s garbage collectors took the motorcycle.

After some phone calls and many conversations, Joseph learned that a crew with the City of Roanoke Rapids Waste Services did, in fact, pick up his sports bike thinking it was garbage.

Once Joseph made a trip to Waste Services, he was able to see the bad news for himself — his bike had been crushed.

“I just looked at it and shook my head and just walked away. I just couldn’t believe it, that it was my bike torn all to pieces like that,” Joseph said.

Joseph wanted the city to take responsibility and pay for his loss, but he said the city wanted him to turn it into his insurance instead.

“I don’t feel like it’s my insurance’s responsibility to take care of something that the city was liable to do. It’s going to cost my insurance to jump,” Joseph said.

With no resolution, Joseph got in touch with me. I reached out to the City of Roanoke Rapids, and the city manager said he has been off for the week and just learned about the incident. He said the insurance company for the city was involved and he would keep me updated.

Joseph recently heard from a rep with the city’s insurance company who told him they were taking care of the claim. He expects to find out the settlement offer this week.

The city manager apologized and said this is an unfortunate incident that he hopes never happens again.