Video: Bikers donated a customized bike for disabled child

A Twin Cities motorcycle club donated a personalized bike for a local 8-year-old boy with a spinal disability.

– A group of bikers donated a personalized bike for a local 8-year-old boy with a spinal disability who had long been searching for one. This is the first time he’s had a bike to call his own.

Terrek Jenniges has Caudal Regression Syndrome and is missing part of his spine. It’s a disorder that affects the development of the lower half of his body.

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“He’ll never be able to walk, his hips are dislocated and his knees are fused,” Terrek’s mother Skye said.

Terrek has a wheelchair and can get around by using his arms.  But he and his family knew that he’d get so much joy out of riding a bike alongside other kids. For three years, they searched for a handcycle without any luck.

The Order of Ronin, a motorcycle club out of the Twin Cities, heard Terrek’s story and set out to find a bike to donate for him.

“I mean to be able to do something like that for a child is the biggest blessing ever,” Jason Goodman, Order of Ronin, said.  “I was happy to be part of it.”

The bikers surprised Terrek with the amazing handcycle bike over the weekend and even added a leather vest to go with. In fact, he told his grandmother that she better get her car to keep up.

“This is the first time he could get on that bike and feel freedom,” his grandmother Danita Moinicken said. “That he could go somewhere without someone pushing him or helping him, and he just lit up.”

And the bike they got him isn’t cheap — they can cost up to $10,000. Terrek is enjoying the warmer winter weather because he has the opportunity to get out and ride more.

Source: Scoopnest