The Biker Who Rode For His Life Has Just Uploaded This Shocking ‘How It Started’ Video

Last night, we brought you shocking scenes of a biker who had to ride for his life. How it all started remained unclear, but now we can see that the driver was at fault!

Yesterday, we showed you shocking footage of a biker who had to ride for his life after a bald-headed car driver was quite clearly intent on running him off the road and doing him some damage. This being the internet, people assumed that the biker must have done something to provoke the man (just take a look at the YouTube comments), but it turns out that the car driver was simply a short-tempered douchebag who was having a seriously bad day.

As you can see in the video, the biker pulls in front of the car at a set of traffic lights (this is legal in many areas, but not all). Clearly not happy with the biker’s decision to do so, the driver pulls away from the lights hard, giving little room to the man on two wheels. The biker then races off down the road (at well over 100mph), and when the pair meet again at the next intersection, that’s where the aggression really kicks off. The man on the bike gives the driver the finger, the driver vomits some bad words and then, which is the real turning point, the biker smacks the guy’s mirror. That’s where things turn nasty and is the result of the shocking footage you watched last night:

So in conclusion: The driver is the main party at fault, but the biker did himself no favours in hitting the man’s car. Sometimes (actually always), it’s better to avoid confrontation and simply ride to the nearest cop shop.

After all, this biker had all the footage he needed to ensure that the driver got what he deserved. What do you guys make of these events in light of this newly-released footage?

Thanks to CTzen Lucas Thezolin for the info and video footage (the biker is his mechanic).